Evgenia Medvedeva

No matter how hard I try  to say her name normally, I always end up making it sound operative and spy-ish. Love her and her name—totally a classic Russian spy-sounding name.



Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Now here is a funny and cute anime about two social outcasts, Shizuku who is reserved and Haru who does not know how to make friends. Needless to say, the two cross paths and Haru confesses to Shizuku without knowing much about her. I am excited to watch this series and see how the relationship between the two will pan out (and what will be revealed while they eat monja together).


Why do I keep hurting myself?

I ask myself this question frequently as of late. I know I shouldn’t be following her on her blog and other social media platforms if I want to get better and improve my mental health, but I really miss her–being around her and spending time with her, the feeling of floating adrift on cloud nine was ever so magical.

It’s been about five months and the wounds have yet to heal. Sometimes–no, most of the time–emotional scars are so painstakingly unbearable.